Westinghouse VRF

With advanced technology and a wide range of capacities, Westinghouse VRF systems are a smart solution for buildings that demand higher efficiency, individualised control and installation flexibility, like high-rise apartment blocks and small commercial buildings.

Advanced VRF technology of Westinghouse has evolved over the years and is the best smart solution for buildings that demand efficient performance, energy savings, independent control and flexibility of installation. With the wide range of capacities available, Westinghouse VRF are in demand for most commercial applications and are also well suited for air-conditioning of high rise buildings and also smaller commercial structures along with residential villas.

Low foot print requirements due to the large scale integrated design of the VRF outdoors of the Westinghouse VRF series has made it easy for architects and consultants on their design thus deriving a plan which maximizes space utilization and hence a better Return Of Investment to the owner. Low energy consumption also results in lower operating cost of the AC installation.


Westinghouse VRFs are known for energy savings, due to the high efficiency of the input power. Various technologies have been incorporated into our VRF products:

  • DC Inverter technology integrated in order to improve the overall compression efficiencies.
  • Fan motor speed regulation.
  • Maximum torque control, with minimum current.
  • 180° sine wave DC varying speed technology.
  • Non-polar CAN technology.


The Westinghouse Solar Air conditioning solutions have revolutionized AC applications by the integration of photovoltaic power. With an Intelligent Management System, the switch over between the grid and the PV system is seamless, thus achieving high efficiency and avoiding waste of power.


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