Westinghouse Photovoltaic VRF 28.0 KW Cooling & Heating (WPVC280WCCG3T2O)

Cooling & Heating 28.0 KW

Photovoltaic VRF Commercial Type

Modular Type To Discharge

DC Inverter compressor

R410a Refrigerant

Zero Electricity Charge - Photovoltaic Direct-driven Technology

Westinghouse has been working on the research and reformation of air conditioning technology. Westinghose Photovoltaic Directdriven Inverter Multi VRF System breaks through tradition, combining photovoltaic power generation with power consumption of air conditioner for the first time. *Condition of zero electricity charge: photovoltaic

generated power ≥ air conditioner consumption demand. Zero electricity charge means when the power generaed by solar power photovoltaic battery sub-assy completely meets the load of unit in operation, grid power is not

needed, so there is no electricity charge.

1.  Seamless Integration of PV Power and Air Conditioner, with Power Generation Function

By adopting advanced photovoltaic direct-driven technology, the system can achieve power generation by utilizing solar power while consuming electricity and ensure utilization of photovoltaic power in priority; compared with traditional photovoltaic system, energy wastage during multiple commutation of alternating current and direct current is eliminated, with energy efficiency improved by 6%-8% and photovoltaic utilization ratio up to 99%; besides, the innovative MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology can track and control the maximum power point status of photovoltaic power generation, so as to achieve maximum utilization of photovoltaic power.

2.  High Utilization Ratio

In summer, power consumption of air conditioner is large and photovoltaic power generation is relatively large as well. Westinghouse Photovoltaic Directdriven Inverter Multi VRF System, combining the characteristics of photovoltaic power, makes sure that the consumed electricity of units matches with the photovoltaic power generation so as to achieve zero electricity charge.

3.  Zero Power Consumption from Grid

In rated engineering proportion, the power amount that Photovoltaic Direct-driven Inverter Multi VRF System gets from the grid is balanced with the power amount that the system delivers to the grid in each day, each month, each quarter and each year. Generally, power consumed from the grid is zero.

Zero Wastage - Ternary Converting Technology

Westinghouse Photovoltaic Direct-driven Inverter Multi VRF System can not only achieve zero electricity charge, but also generate power to the grid, benefiting energy conservation and emission reduction. 

1.  Instant Switchover for Punctual Power Generation

Ternary converting model, consisting of photovoltaic sub-assy, multi VRF system and grid, enables two-way flow and multiple-way integration of power at the direct current side. The switchover time among five operation modes is less than 10ms, avoiding power wastage due to switchover delay.