WFL3T Pixel Pitch: 3.9 mm Panel Size: 500 × 750 mm / 500 × 1000 mm

Two Panel Sizes

Pixel Pitch : 3.9 mm

Pixel Configuration : SMD

Brightness : 5000 adjustable

Refresh Rate : 1920/2880/3840 Hz

Panel Dimension : 500×750×70mm/500×1000×70mm

Two Optional Panel Size

Ultra Slim & Light Panel

70mm thick panel with a weight of 13kg/15kg pushes itself to the limit, which saves cost of supporting structure and transportation.

Fan-less design with great heat dissipation contributes to noise-free effect and low power consumption.

Seamless Design

Every panel is manufactured with CNC auto-machines of high precision so that to guarantee its seamlessness during assembly.