WFM2 Pixel Pitch: 2.6 mm Panel Size: 1024 x 288 mm

2 PANEL SIZES to Achieve 16:9

Pixel Pitch : 2.6 mm

Brightness : 1000

Refresh Rate : 1920/2880/3840 Hz

Panel Dimension : 1024 x 288 x 49 mm

Innovative size

32:9 innovative panel size, 2 panels can achieve 16:9 popular resolution just right

Enjoy the all-round vision with its 160° super wide viewing angle.

Ultimate thin and light design

Installed with a thickness of only 50mm, the 7kg FM panel with no back structure will cause no load-bearing problem to any existing wall.

"Uninfluential" module

If one module fails, the rest will stay unaffected due to independent power and data input for each module.

FM panel supports for front and rear installation and serviceability, and it can also realize your creative ideas on mismatch or L-shape splicing.

Automatch calibration function

Calibration is done automatically instead of manually after module replacement.

Plan your panel wiring horizontally or vertically as you like.