WVA1.8 Pixel Pitch: 1.8mm Panel Size: 600×337.5mm

Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen

Pixel pitch             :         1.8 mm

Pixel configuration :         SMD

Brightness             :         600-800 adjustable

Refresh rate          :         1920/2880/3840 Hz

Panel dimension    :         600×337.5×76 mm

Low weight of Panel

Light weight less than 8kg for each panel.

Low Cost of Splicing

Standard 16:9 panel can also precisely achieve HD/FHD/UHD/SHV resolution just right, and with a 27" diagonal panel size it can become a perfect substitute for any existing 54" or 108" LCD screen.

V-Smooth Technology

Westinghouse uses advanced technology and hence each panel could be guaranteed to adopt qualified mold processing to reduce the error in an infinite approach to zero.

Perfect Display Effect

160°super wide horizontal and vertical viewing angle covers more potential customers. The broadcasting pictures are stable with no scanning line, and the edge of image is sharp and clear when dealing with dynamic pictures.

Convenient Front/Rear Installation and Maintenance

The install procedure is as quick as block-building. It supports for both front and rear installation with a panel thickness of only 100mm. Additionally, module, power supply, receiving card, conversion card and cables between panels can all be maintained quickly from the front without professional skills.